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mazishi ya gwiji la muziki Tanzania Ibrahim shem karenga makaburi ya kisutu jijini Dar es salaam


 Hon Frederic Ngenzebuhoro presents the report of the Committee on Legal, Rules and privileges to an attentive House this afternoon in Arusha
The East African Legislative Assembly  has this afternoon voted to remove Rt. Hon Dr. Margaret Nantongo Zziwa from office. This follows overwhelming support of the Motion for removal of the Speaker by 36 to 2 votes (signifying over two-thirds majority in excess of 30 votes) on the floor of the Assembly. Only one abstention was recorded.

Immediately, the Clerk of EALA moved to declare the vacancy and announced that in accordance with Article 7 of the Rules of Procedure, the names of candidates for the election of Speaker shall be obtained within 48 hours from today (Friday at 3.30 pm).

The sitting today was chaired by the Presiding Officer, Hon Chris Opoka Okumu who was elected to preside over the motion for removal of the Speaker on November 26th, 2014 at the sitting in Nairobi. Rt. Hon Zziwa was absent from the Plenary today.

Earlier on in the morning, the Assembly listened through and adopted the Committee on Legal Rules and Privileges on investigation of the complaints raised in the motion for the removal of the Speaker from Office.  The Committee has been receiving and assessing evidence submitted to it.

The Committee also lined up a number of witnesses among them being the Rt. Hon. Speaker of EALA, Members and staff of EALA, and any other witnesses who it deems are necessary for the discharge of their investigative mandate.

The report presented to the House by the Chair of the Legal, Rules and Privileges Committee, Hon Frederic Ngenzebuhoro, cites the inability of the Speaker to perform the functions of the office arising from misconduct in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty and the Rules of procedure.

The report notes that Rt. Hon Zziwa unilaterally made a decision to stop rotation sittings in contravention of the provisions of the Administration of the EALA Act, 2012.  The Speaker is also accused of wasting resources of the Community through poor time management, unnecessary delays postponement of meetings and laisser-faire attitude to Assembly provisions. 

“In August 2013 all members of the Assembly went to Mombasa, Kenya as programmed in the EALA Annual Legislative Calendar for 2013/2014 Financial Year. According to the evidence available the members of the Commission and Chairpersons of all the Standing Committees arrived one day before the workshop for a consultative meeting. The Speaker who was supposed to chair the meeting did not come as scheduled, nor did she delegate responsibility of chairing the meeting”, a section of the report reads in part.

According to the findings, the Speaker continued to be absent from duty station contrary to the terms and conditions and hence giving inadequate supervision to the work of the Assembly.   Other areas include undermining the authority of the Commission by changing the activities for 2013/2014 to suit personal interests and practicing favouritism by denying other Members equal opportunity.

The report also cites misconduct, the use abusive and derogatory language against Members and staff.

During debate today, Hon Saoli Ole Nkanae remarked that Rt. Hon Zziwa had constantly used unsavory language. “The Speaker created a monster out of this House, we have turned into gladiators. It needs to end today” Hon Ole Nkanae maintained. 
Hon Hafsa Mossi appealed to the Assembly to change the trend and take the right decision. “I have failed to see Leadership in the Speaker, I hope we make the right decision today”, she said.
Hon Dr. Odette Nyiramilimo said it was time for EALA to restore its lost glory.  “I hope we will elect a Member who will restore the dignity of this House”, Hon Dr. Nyiramilimo remarked.

Hon Abubakar Zein told the House to ensure it takes the right path to restore its dignity. “We need to make a decision to do our work with honor, dignity & integrity while putting petty differences aside for the sake of integration”, he remarked.

On his part, Hon Taslima Twaha was emphatic that the region was bigger than any individual. “Let whatever direction we take, lead us to success, and by the will of the Almighty God all through to that of the satisfaction of East Africans”, he stated.

Hon. Dora Byamukama remarked that the truth was key.  “In the next 2.5yrs (balance of the period left to serve the 3rdEALA), I stand committed to what whatever it takes for this House to regain its dignity, honor and glory”, she remarked. 
Hon Hafsa Mossi makes her contribution on the Motion this afternoon
Hon Nusura Tiperu also supported the Motion. “We love the outgoing Speaker, but we love East Africa more”, she said, adding that it had reached the time we make a decision for the people of the region.

Speaking on behalf of the Council of Ministers, the Chairperson, Hon Dr. Abdullah Saadala maintained that the Council had all along respected the rule of separation of powers and the democratic exercise of decision making of the House. 

“We shall continue to do so for the strengthening of the integration process”, he said. Other Members who rose up to speak were Hon Leonce Ndarubagiye and Hon Mukasa Mbidde who termed the process as fair.

The Motion, initially introduced in the Assembly by Hon Peter Mathuki in Arusha during the Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of the 3rd Assembly was cut-short when it was adjourned on April 1, 2014 sine die following two applications made at the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) halting the debate. 
On 3rd June this year, Rt. Hon Margaret Nantongo Zziwa ruled on the Motion for her removal to have fallen short of the requirements of signatures of atleast four elected Members from each Partner State and thus collapsed. This followed the withdrawal of signatures of three Members from the United Republic of Tanzania. 
Rt. Hon Zziwa pegged her ruling on Rule 82(2) of Rules of Procedure that grants the Speaker of the Assembly, the final powers on the interpretation and the application of the same. However, prior to that, the Counsel to the Community, Hon Wilbert Kaahwa had maintained that the Motion was “alive”. 
 The third East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) elected Margaret Nantongo Zziwa its first female Speaker in June 2012 when she defeated Hon Dora Byamukama’s in the second round.

Hon Mukasa Mbidde casts his vote on the Motion.   36 members voted in favour of the Motion for the removal of the Speaker, 2 voted against while there was one abstention
-Under the provisions of the Rules, a motion seeking the removal of the Speaker from Office, is referred by the House, to the Committee on Legal, Rules and Privileges for investigation within a specific time frame. Upon conclusion of investigations, the Committee makes a report to the House with clear findings/observations and recommendations.  
-The Speaker against whom proceedings for removal from office have commenced has the right of appeal and recourse to justice through the relevant courts of law if in his/her opinion, there is/has been or appears to be a miscarriage of justice.
-EALA shall elect the Speaker in accordance with Rule 7 of the Rules of procedure.  Under the Rules, the election shall be by secret ballot.  At the same time, all candidates need to present their names  at least 48 hours before the time appointed for which the House is to meet to elect a Speaker.

mapacha kutoka Tanzania walioungana watenganishwa kwa mafanikio nchini India

Hospitali ya Apollo iliyoko nchini India imefanikiwa kuwatenganisha mapacha wa kike wa Tanzania Abriana na Adriana waliokuwa wameunganika chini ya kifua na tumboni  katika upasuaji uliofanyika tarehe 17 Novemba 2014 nchini humo. Mapacha waliounganika kwa mtindo huu hujulikana kwa watalaam kama Thoraco Omphalopahus na upasuaji uliofanyika na hospitali Apollo ulikuwa wenye mafanikio na wa aina yake.
Mapacha Abriana na Adriana awali ya upasuaji huo walikuwa wameunganika kuanzia chini ya kifua na tumbo, hali kadhalika walikuwa wakitumia mvungu mmoja wa moyo na maini yaliyounganika.  Changamoto ya upasuaji wa mapacha hawa kwa madaktari ulikuwa  utenganishaji bila kuwavujisha damu nyingi ambayo waliweza kukabiliana nayo ipasavyo.
Upasuaji huo ulifanywa na jopo la watalaamu 50 waliobobea katika taaluma mbali mbali za tiba ya afya ya kabla na baada ya upasuaji ambao uliendelea kwa masaa 11.  Watalaamu walifanikiwa kutenganisha viungo vilivyokuwa vimeungana. Mapacha hawa walipona na kupata ahueni kwa haraka hivo kusaidia zoezi zima la uponyaji baada ya upasuaji.
Hali kadhalika, hatua nyingine ya muhimu katika upasuaji huo ilikuwa kurudisha viungo husika mahala pake baada ya kuvitenganisha. Akizungumzia kuhusu hili Dkt. K S Sivakumar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon anasema, “Baada ya upasuaji, moyo wa moja ya mapacha ulitakiwa kurudishiwa mahali pake ili kuzuia mbenuko na uharibifu pamoja na maini yaliyokuwa yameungana. Ilichukua majopo mawili ya wataalum kwa masaa nne kukamilisha ufungaji wa maini, moyo, na utumbo katika mahala pake.”

Balozi marmo akabidhi hati za utambulisho kwa Rais wa austria mjini Vienna

 Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Austria ambaye ana makazi mjini Berlin, Ujerumani Mhe. Philip S. Marmo mapema mwezi huu likabidhi Hati za Utambulisho (Letter of Credence) kwa Mhe. Dkt. Heinz Fischer, Rais wa Austria. Shughuli hizi zilifanyika katika ukumbi maarufu wa Maria Teresa uliopo katika kasri ya wafalme wa zamani wa "Austro-Hungarian Empire" mjini Vienna. Gwaride rasmi kwa ajili ya Balozi mpya iliendeshwa katika viwanja vya Hofburg.

News alert: Obama announces historic overhaul of relations; Cuba releases American

Courtesy of the White House


Ofisa mwandamizi wa habari na mahusiano ya umma wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela, Bw. Karimu Meshack (kushoto) akijadiliana jambo ndani chumba cha mapumziko cha wageni mashuhuri na Mwakilishi mkazi shirika la UNESCO nchini Bi. Zulmira Rodrigues pamoja na Afisa mipango kitaifa, kitengo cha Sayansi UNESCO,Tanzania, Gabriela Lucas kabla ya kuwasili kwa Naibu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa la Maendeleo ya Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO), Getachew Engida.
Mwakilishi mkazi shirika la UNESCO nchini Bi. Zulmira Rodrigues akimlaki Naibu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa la Maendeleo ya Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO), Getachew Engida wakati alipowasili kwenye uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Kilimanjaro (KIA) kwa ajili kuhudhuria mahafali ya pili ya Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela jijini Arusha yanayofanyika kesho. Kulia ni Ofisa mwandamizi wa habari na mahusiano ya umma wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela, Bw. Karimu Meshack na wa pili Kaimu Katibu Mtendaji wa Tume ya Taifa ya UNESCO, Dr. Moshi Kimizi.
Mwakilishi mkazi shirika la UNESCO nchini Bi. Zulmira Rodrigues (katikati) akimlaki kwa furaha Naibu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa la Maendeleo ya Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO), Getachew Engida (kushoto) aliyewasili jioni hii jijini Arusha na shirika la ndege la Ethiopia. Kulia ni Kaimu Katibu Mtendaji wa Tume ya Taifa ya UNESCO, Dr. Moshi Kimizi.
Naibu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa la Maendeleo ya Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO), Getachew Engida akisalimiana na Ofisa mwandamizi wa habari na mahusiano ya umma wa Taasisi ya Sayansi na Teknolojia ya Nelson Mandela, Bw. Karimu Meshack kwenye uwanja wa ndege wa kimataifa wa Kilimanjaro (KIA).
Naibu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa la Maendeleo ya Elimu, Sayansi na Utamaduni (UNESCO), Getachew Engida akiwa na mwenyeji wake Mwakilishi mkazi shirika la UNESCO nchini Bi. Zulmira Rodrigues mara baada ya kuwasili wakielekea kwenye chumba cha mapumziko cha wageni mashuhuri.

mhe amos makalla azindua mradi wa maji kijijini Endamaghan, Karatu, leo

Naibu Waziri wa Maji Mhe Amos Makalla akizindua mradi wa maji katika kijiji cha Endamaghan wilayani Karatu leo akiwa amezungukwa na wakaazi wa kijiji hicho ambao wameishukuru serikali kwa mradi huo ambao wameuita ni mkombozi kwani utawaondolea kabisa shida ya kutembea umbali mrefu kutafuta maji
Naibu Waziri wa Maji Mhe Amos Makalla akihutubia wakati wa kuzindua mradi wa maji katika kijiji cha Endamaghan wilayani Karatu leo akiwa amezungukwa na wakaazi wa kijiji hicho ambao wameishukuru serikali kwa mradi huo ambao wameuita ni mkombozi kwani utawaondolea kabisa shida ya kutembea umbali mrefu kutafuta maji
Naibu Waziri wa Maji Mhe Amos Makalla akizawadiwa mgolole baada ya kuzindua mradi wa maji katika kijiji cha Endamaghan wilayani Karatu leo akiwa amezungukwa na wakaazi wa kijiji hicho ambao wameishukuru serikali kwa mradi huo ambao wameuita ni mkombozi kwani utawaondolea kabisa shida ya kutembea umbali mrefu kutafuta maji



Mastaa waliokuwa wakiunda kundi la zamani la Kaole wakiongea na wanahabari (hawapo pichani) jinsi walivyopania kufanya kweli kwenye uzinduzi wa kundi lao jipya la Kaone, Boxing Day ndani ya Dar Live.
Muhogo Mchungu akisisitiza jambo kwa wanahabari (hawapo pichani). Kushoto ni msanii Thea. 
Wasanii hao wakongwe wakifurahia jambo wakati wa mkutano huo na wanahabari. Mkutano huo umefanyika leo katika Hoteli ya The Atriums iliyopo Afrikasana, Dar.
Msanii Thea (kulia) akielezea jambo kwa wanahabari (hawapo pichani).
Msanii Kingwendu akitoa burudani wakati akiongea na mwanahabari wa TBC.

ZIKIWA zimesalia siku chache kuelekea ule Usiku wa Wasanii Wakongwe Desemba 26 ‘Boxing Day’ ndani ya Uwanja wa Taifa wa Burudani, Dar Live uliopo Mbagala-Zakhem, jijini Dar, mastaa kibao waliokuwa wakiunda kundi la zamani la Kaole watazindua rasmi kundi jipya linalojulikana kama Kaone.
Usiku huo utakaokuwa wa aina yake, utawakutanisha wale wakali wote kutoka Kaole kama vile Swebe, Davina, Koletha, Zawadi, Nyamayao, Kingwendu, Muhogo Mchungu, Kibakuli na wengine kibao ambao kwa mara ya kwanza watajulikana kama Kaone na kuzindua tamthiliya yao mpya ya Kipusa itakayoanza kuruka hewani Januari 4, 2015 ndani ya Runinga ya TV1.
Usiku huo pia utapambwa na wasanii wa Bongo Fleva, Baby Madaha pamoja na Isabela Mpanda ‘Bela’ ambapo watatoa burudani mwanzo mwisho.
Mapema kuanzia asubuhi hadi jioni kutakuwa na burudani kwa watoto ambapo Kundi la Masai Worriors litawapagawisha watoto kwa kuwapa chemsha bongo, mazingaombwe sambamba na kutoa zawadi kibao huku watoto wengine wakipata nafasi ya kubembea, kuteleza na kuogelea.

introducing "Limbwata" by Sam G


Tunayo furaha kukujulisheni kuwa taasisi ya Boko Beach Veterans Sports Club (BBV) itaandaa maonyesho ya kimataifa ya vipaji vya mpira wa miguu kwa vijana wa mashuleni na vyuoni, kuanzia tarehe 19 had 21 kwenye uwanja wao wa kisasa ulioko maeneo ya Boko, Kinondoni , Dar es salaam.  

Maonyesho haya ni nafasi dhahiri kwa vijana wenye vipaji vya kusakata mpira wa miguu, wavulana kwa wasichana, kucheza soka nchini Marekani huku wakisoma katika vyuo vya nchini humo kwa kulipiwa gharama zote. Makocha wapatao watatu (3) kutoka katika chuo kikuu cha Alabama, Chuo kikuu cha Martin Methodist and chuo kikuu cha Lindsey Wilson wamesha thibitisha kushiriki na tunawategemea kufika tarehe 15 Desemba 2014.
 Maonyesho haya yanatilia mkazo kwa usawa kipaji na mpira wa miguu pamoja na uwezo wa kielimu. 
Pia yanawapa vijana wa kitanzania nafasi ya kupata udhamini wa kusoma katika vyuo vikuu vya Marekani. Ni mpango wa ufadhili ambao unawaunganisha vijana wa kitanzania wenye ndoto ya kucheza mpira pamoja na kusoma na ulimwengu mzima. Boko Beach Veterans Sports Club (BBV)  tayari tumekwisha alike shule mbali mbali kuleta washiriki.

Mkakati wa BBV to ni kuonyesha kile ambacho kimekuwa kikifanywa nan chi nyinngine katika kuinua ujuzi wa kucheza mpira wa miguu kwa vijana wao, kwa kuhakikisha kuwa michezo na elimu vinaenda sambamba. Wakiwa na elimu, wachezaji wa mpira wa miguu wanaweze kutengeneza maisha yao baada ya kustaafu kucheza, kwa kuajiriwa, kuanzisha shughuli zao au kuwa makocha wazuri. 
Pamoja na kuwa na wachezaji wengi walio

wahi kuwika Tanzania, ni wacheche sana wameweza kuwa na maisha mazuri baada ya kustaafu kucheza, sababu kubwa ikiwa ukosefu wa elimu bora. 

BBV inakukaribisha sana kushiriki katika maonyesho haya ya kwanza nay a aina yake na yenye mweleleo wa kuleta faida kubwa binafsi kwa washiriki na kwa taifa kwa ujumla. BBV ina nia ya kuandaa maonyesho haya kila mwaka ikiwa ni mchango wake katika kampeini za TFF na serikali ya kuinua kiwango cha soka nchini. 


 Waziri Mkuu Mhe Mizengo Pinda akizungumza na Kaimu Mkurugenzi  Mtendaji wa Bodi ya Utalii nchini, Bi. Devotha Mdachi (kushoto) na Mwenyekiti wa Kampuni ya Nakheel PSSC ya Dubai, Bw, Ali Lootan wakizungumza katika Mkutano wa Kuitangaza Tanzania na kuvutia wawekezaji wa Dubai  uliofunguliwa na Waziri Mkuu mjini Dubai leo
 Waziri Mkuu Mhe.  Mizengo Pinda akiongozwa na Meneja Mkuu wa Shamba la kufuga ng'ombe wa maziwa la Al Rawabi Dairy la Dubai, Dr. Ahmed Al Mansour (kulia kwake) kukagua shamba hilo akiwa katika ziara ya kikazi nchini humo leo. Kulia ni Balozi mdogo wa Tanzania Dubai, Mhe Omar Mjenga.
Waziri Mkuuu, Mizengo Pinda akipata maelezo kutoka kwa Meneja mkuu wa shamba la kufuga ng'ombe wa maziwa la Al Rawabi Dairy  la Dubai, Dr. Ahmed Al Mansour (kulia) wakati alipotembelea shmaba hilo akiwa katika ziara ya kikazi nchini humo leo Picha na Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu


Kitabu kinauzwa shilingi 10,000/- tu na kwa hapa Dar es salaam kinapatikana Posta Mpya ndani ya DAR ES SALAAM BOOKSHOP au nikipigiwa simu namba 0653808032 kitawafikiwa wateja popote walipo, pia natafuta wasambazaji mikoani. 
 Hiki ni kitabu kinachomsaidia mtu kujitambua na kutambua vipaji alivyonayo ili aweze kuvitumia kuchagua maisha anayoyataka na baada ya hapo kimesheheni mbinu nyingi zitakazomwezesha mtu kuishi na kufanikiwa katika maamuzi aliyoyafanya. 
Kimeshawasaidia wengi waliokisoma. Mimi ni mtaalamu wa saikolojia, sosholojia na ujasiriamali, kazi yangu ni kufundisha na kushauri katika maeneo hayo yote napatikana hapa Dar es salaam, nina mtandao wa kiofisi unaitwa

Mtunzi wa kitabu hicho Bw. Erick Chrispin


1Bima ya Afyaaa
Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Mfuko wa Bima ya Afya ya Taifa NHIF Bw. Khamis Mdee wa pili kutoka kulia akizungumza na waandishi wa habari katika makao makuu ya mfuko huo wakati walipoonyesha tuzo ambazo mfuko huo ulitunukiwa nchini Morocco na Shirikisho la kimataifa la Taasisi za Hifadhi ya Jamii (ISSA) nchini Morocco hivi karibuni. kulia ni Mkurugenzi wa Uendeshaji (NHIF),Eugen Mikongoti, Kutoka kushoto Kaimu Mkurugenzi Tiba na Ushauri wa NHIF, Dk Mkwabi Fikirini na Mkurugenzi wa masoko na Utafiti NHIF,Raphael Mwamoto wakiwa katika mkutano huo uliozungumzia tuzo hizo.
Bima ya Afya
Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Mfuko wa Bima ya Afya ya Taifa NHIF Bw. Khamis Mdee wa pili pamoja na wakurugenzi wa shirika hilo kulia Mkurugenzi wa Uendeshaji (NHIF),Eugen Mikongoti, Kutoka kushoto Kaimu Mkurugenzi Tiba na Ushauri wa NHIF, Dk Mkwabi Fikirini na Mkurugenzi wa masoko na Utafiti NHIF,Raphael Mwamoto wakionyesha tuzo zilizokabidhiwa kwa mfuko huo kutoka Shirikisho la kimataifa la Taasisi za Hifadhi ya Jamii (ISSA) nchini Morocco hivi karibuni
Kwa miaka mingi sasa, Mfuko wa Taifa wa Bima ya Afya umekuwa mwanachama wa mashirikisho mbalimbali ya kimataifa ikiwemo Shirikisho la kimataifa la Taasisi za Hifadhi ya Jamii (ISSA), Shirikisho la Hifadhi ya Jamii la Nchi za Afrika Mashariki na Kati (ECASSA), na Shirikisho la kimataifa la Uchumi wa Afya (IHEA). 
Mashirikisho haya husaidia katika kubadilishana uzoefu katika maeneo mbalimbali, ushauri wa kitaalamu, viwango vya huduma, miongozo ya kiutendaji pamoja na kutumika kama jukwaa kwa wanachama kujenga na kuhamasisha mifumo endelevu katika hifadhi ya jamii. Taasisi hizi za kimataifa vilevile huhusika katika kutoa tuzo kwa Taasisi ambazo zinafanya vizuri katika ubunifu katika maeneo mbalimbali.
Shirikisho la kimataifa la Taasisi za Hifadhi ya Jamii (ISSA) limekuwa na utaratibu wa kushindanisha mifuko ya hifadhi ya jamii duniani kwenye maswala ya ubunifu katika maeneo mbalimbali ya kiutendaji yakiwemo; kuboresha huduma, utawala bora, matumizi ya teknolojia, ukusanyaji wa michango na matekelezo, uwekezaji, kufikisha huduma kwa wananchi waliyo sehemu ngumu kufikika, uhamasishaji wa Afya na uepushaji wa hatari makazini, pamoja na utekelezaji wa tathmini za uhai wa mifuko. Mashindano haya yalianza tangu mwaka 2008 na hufanyika kila baada ya miaka mitatu.
Tangu kuanzishwa kwa tuzo hizi, Mfuko umekuwa ukishinda tuzo katika maeneo mbalimbali. Mwaka 2008 Mfuko ulishinda tuzo moja ya ubunifu katika kuboresha huduma na mawasiliano kwa wanachama kupitia siku ya wadau (Clients Days). Mwaka 2011 Mfuko ulishinda tuzo nne katika masuala yafuatayo; Uboreshaji wa kitita cha mafao yanayotolewa na Mfuko; Usimamizi wa Mfuko wa Afya ya Jamii: katika kupanua wigo na jitihada za kufikia lengo la afya kwa Watanzania wote; Utoaji wa mikopo ya vifaa tiba na Uboreshaji wa majengo inayotolewa na Mfuko; Ugatuzi wa shughuli za Mfuko kwa kufungua ofisi za mikoa kuwasogezea huduma wananchi: Usimamizi bunifu kuongeza ufanisi katika utendaji. Kwa mara nyingine Mfuko umeshinda tuzo tatu za ubunifu katika sekta ya hifadhi ya Jamii Barani Afrika katika sherehe za kukabidhi tuzo hizo zilizofanyika tarehe 3 Disemba 2014 katika hoteli ya Sheraton mjini Casablanca, Morocco. Tuzo ambazo NHIF ilikabidhiwa ni katika eneo la utoaji wa huduma za matibabu za kibingwa maeneo magumu kufikika, kazi ambayo Mfuko umekuwa ukifanya kwa kushirikiana na wataalamu wa hospitali za rufaa nchini tangu mwaka 2012.
Tuzo nyingine ni katika eneo la TEHAMA katika utayarishaji pamoja na uwasilishaji wa madai ulioanzishwa kwa dhumuni la kupunguza malalamiko ya baadhi ya vituo vya Afya kuchelewa kulipwa madai yao. Kupitia mfumo huu, muda wa ulipaji wa madai hasa katika hospitali kubwa nchini umepungua kwa kiasi kikubwa sana. Mfumo huu ulianza tangu Januari 2012. Tuzo ya tatu ni juu ya huduma za matibabu kwa wanachama wastaafu ambayo imeanza tangu mwaka 2011. Fao la wastaafu linalenga kuwapa wananchi ambao walikuwa wanachama wa Mfuko na wenza wao uwezo wa kutibiwa kupitia Mfuko wa Taifa wa Bima ya Afya baada ya kustaafu ajira mpaka mwisho wa maisha
Mfuko utaendelea kufuata miongozo inayotolewa na mashirika ya kimataifa ili kutekeleza shughuli zake kiufanisi na kuhakikisha unatoa huduma bora kwa wanachama wake. Mfuko vilevile unadhamiria kuendelea kuboresha shughuli zake ili uweze kukidhi viwango vya kimataifa vinavyotolewa na Shirika la viwango la kimataifa (ISO) na hatimaye kuthibitishwa kwa kutimiza viwango hivyo katika kipindi kifupi kijacho. NHIF Mfuko pia unatarajia kwa kipindi kijacho kuweza kukidhi viwango vilivyowekwa na Shirikisho la kimataifa la Mifuko ya Hifadhi ya Jamii (ISSA) na kupata ithibati ya kukidhi viwango vya kimataifa.

Tanzania adopts the Arusha Declaration on Social Protection

Today Honorable Minister Saada Mkuya Salum (MP), Ministry of Finance, officiated the closing ceremony of the three-day International Conference on Social Protection at the International Conference Centre in Arusha.

Upon closing of the Conference, the Government of Tanzania adopted the Arusha Declaration on Social Protection which provides a strong foundation for advancing the agenda of social protection in Tanzania and in Africa, with a view to make growth and development a reality for all.

The three-day Conference was a historical event, as it was the first ever such international conference on social protection to take place in Tanzania. The Conference, which was organized by the Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with UNICEF, ILO, UNAIDS and the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) based in South Africa – brought together more than 150 senior government officials, policy-makers, researchers and experts on social protection. Delegates had a unique opportunity to attend presentations from distinguished experts in the field of social protection from many countries, includingAfghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Hon. Minister Salum said that the Conference has been very interactive and has explored and deliberated on all important pillars for building sustainable social protection systems in Africa and in Tanzania in particular.

“The final recommendations and Declaration which we have adopted, provide the required knowledge and basis for future work. I am pleased to say that this consensus is a decisive step in pursuance of the social protection agenda in Tanzania and hopefully will serve as an inspiration for the region as a whole. Additionally these recommendations will certainly inform our next growth and development plans and strategies of the various sectors like education, health and social welfare, nutrition, water and sanitation.”

During the Conference, many papers were presented and discussed in six plenary and parallel sessions. The discussions explored issues related to evolution and key trends of social protection; building comprehensive and integrated social protection systems; and designing effective social protection interventions and social protection sustainability and financing. One of the key messages from the discussions was on the importance of coordination, vertically across the central and local government and horizontally across social protection and social services agencies.

As pointed out by H.E. Seif Ali Iddi, Second Vice President during the opening ceremony of the Conference, Tanzania has its vision set high to graduate to a middle-income country by 2025 and the Government has adopted social protection as a key strategy for achieving Tanzania’s growth and development vision.

In order to achieve this VISION, the Government wants to ensure that its citizens, including the poorest and the weakest develop their capacities to realize their rights and make Tanzania stronger and a more equal society. Addressing the needs of children, especially their nutrition, health and education is critical to helping them grow into happy, productive adults and escape from the inter-generational poverty trap.

In conclusion, Hon. Minister Salum felt encouraged that the Conference was able to achieve its objectives.

“As Tanzania moves towards a mineral and gas-rich economy and aspires to move towards a middle-income country, this Conference has been timely in establishing that social protection stands as a key strategy for ensuring a fairer distribution of the nation’s wealth and contributing to measurable improvements in household economic and social development as well as reducing risks by building a peaceful and cohesive society,” She said.

  WATU watano wamekufa na wengine 36 kujeruhiwa baada ya lori walilokuwa wakisafiria kwenda msibani kupata hitilafu katika mfumo wa breki na kisha kutumbukia kwenye korongo.

Taarifa zilizothibitishwa na Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Mbeya, Bw. Ahmed Msangi zilieleza kuwa ajali hiyo ilitokea jana majira ya saa nane mchana katika mteremko wa Kanyegele, Kata ya Ntokela wilayani Rungwe.

Kamanda Msangi alisema lori hilo aina ya Mitsubishi Fuso yenye namba za usajili T143 ACR lilikuwa likitokea Ilemi jijini Mbeya likiwa limebeba maiti na waombolezaji kuelekea wilayani Rungwe.

Alisema baada ya kufika katika mteremko wa Kanyegele dereva wa gari ambaye hakufahamika jina lake mara moja alipojaribu kulipita gari lililokuwa mbele yake ghafla lilijitokeza gari jingine mbele yake na alipojaribu kuminya breki lilimshinda na hatimaye kutumbukia kwenye korongo na kusababisha vifo na majeruhi hao.

Alisema kati ya majeruhi 36, wawili walikimbizwa katika Hospitali ya Rufaa Mbeya kutokana na hali zao kuwa mbaya zaidi, tisa wakapelekwa hospitali ya Wilaya ya Rungwe ya Makandana na 25 walipelekwa katika kituo cha afya Igogwe.


Na Woinde shizza, Arusha 
 Hakimu David Mwita wa Mahakama ya mwanzo ya Maji ya Chai mkoani Arusha ameahirisha hadi  Desemba 24, 2014  kesi inayomkabili Mbunge wa Jimbo la Arumeru  Mashariki Mh. Joshua Nassari (pichani), kwa tuhuma za kuharibu mali ya umma  yenye dhamani ya shilingi laki mbili, pamoja na kumteka mtu na kumtishia kwa bunduki tukio ambalo anatuhumiwa kufanya Desemba 15, mwaka huu 
Mahakama hiyo imemuachia Mbunge huyo baada ya kutimiza masharti ya dhamana,  ikiwa ni wadhamini watatu ambao wana mali zisizohamishika zenye thamani ya shilingi milioni moja na nusu kila mmoja. 
 Akiongea mara baada ya kuairisha kesi hiyo wakili wa mbunge huyo wa Arumeru mashariki Bw. James Ole Milya alisema kuwa amesikitishwa sana na tukio la mahakama hiyo kumpa mashariti makubwa mteja wake kwani kesi yake ilikuwa haihitaji mashariti makubwa hivyo . 
 Aidha alisema kuwa mbali na kupewa mashariti hayo angependa kesi hiyo ipelekwe katika mahakama ya wilaya ili yeye kama wakili wa mbunge huyo aweze kumtetea kwani katika mahakama ya mwanzo hairuhusu kuweka wakili. 


Na Freddy Macha, London
Watalii na wageni Tanzania wamehakikishiwa kwamba kasheshe ya Ebola inayousakama uwanda wa magharibi ya bara haitaidhuru Bongo. Akizungumza nami katika ofisi ya kampuni ya Safari Hub yenye makao makuu Arusha na London, Mkurugenzi, Navraj Hans alisema ingawa kitakwimu idadi ya watalii barani imeshuka kwa asilimia 50 hakuna haja ya kuhaha. 
“Ebola inasambaa kirahisi zaidi kuelekea Ulaya kutoka Afrika Magharibi kuliko kuja kwetu. Sisi tuko mbali sana.” 
Bwana Hans ambaye pia ni dereva na mshindi wa mbio za magari Tanzania, alisema ni muhimu kuzingatia si Ebola tu nuksi iliyolipaka bara, masizi. “Hebu tazama Afrika Kusini yenye mauaji makubwa sana, kitakwimu, duniani. Utalii unaendelea kama kawaida, maana wenzetu wanasisitiza kuwa kuna mabaya machachena mazuri mengi zaidi. Matokeo,” aliendelea kufafanua Bwana Hans ambaye ni mzawa wa Arusha, 
“Watalii wanaendelea kutiririka Sauzi bila shaka yeyote.” Mkurugenzi huyu wa Safari Hub aliendelea kusisitiza kuwa Tanzania ni moja ya nchi zinazoongoza kwa mandhari nzuri duniani. 
 “Watanzania wanasifika kwa ukarimu wao na amani. Hivyo tujitangaze zaidi. Tujifunze toka kwa nchi kama Singapore na Indonesia wanaojua kujitangaza.” 
 Kuonyesha namna Tanzania inavyohusudika, Bwana Hans alisema karibuni kampuni ya kimataifa ya Kili Villa imeamua kujenga uwanja wa mchezo wa Golf eneo la Maji ya Chai wilaya ya Arumeru. Ili kutimiza lengo lake, kampuni hiyo iliwasiliana na Safari Hub. Uwanja huo utakaokuwa na ekari 7,000 na mashimo 18, umeshawekwa katika ya orodha ya viwanja kumi bora vya golf Afrika. 
Mandhari ya uwanja inaonyesha milima Meru na Kilimanjaro, moja ya vivutio vikuu vya Kitanzania. Bosi wa Kili Villa, Bwana Wilhem Kurpers alinieleza kwamba mcheza Golf mashuhuri, Tiger Woods, ameshakubali mualiko kuitembelea Tanzania kwa kuvutiwa na viwanja hivyo vya Maji ya Chai. 
Mapema mwaka huu Safari Hub ikishirikiana na shule maarufu ya Eton College na Ubalozi wetu Uingereza ilipeleka timu ya vijana kuendeleza mpira Arusha.
Mandhari ya uwanja mpya wa gofu utaojengwa eneo la Majani ya Chai Arusha na kampuni ya Kili Villa
Mandhari ya uwanja mpya wa gofu utaojengwa eneo la Majani ya Chai Arusha na kampuni ya Kili Villa
 Mkurugenz wa Safari Hub Bw. Navraj Hans akiwa ofisini kwake na Bosi wa kampuni ya Kili Villa Bw. Wilhem Kurpers
 Bw. Navraj Hans akiwa  na Bosi wa kampuni ya Kili Villa Bw. Wilhem Kurpers mbele ya picha za vivutio vya Tanzania
 Mkurugenzi wa Safari Hup Dilip Navapurkar  akizungumza, akisema Tanzania inaweza kuendelezwa ikafikia kiwango cha timu nyingine bora Afrika katika kandanda.

Maadhimisho ya miaka 20 ya Antelope Tours & Travel Services Ltd yafana

 Mkurugenzi Mkuu  Madame Rose Abdallah akitoa shukrani kwa wageni waliofika kwenye mchaparo wa kusherehekea kutimiza Miaka 20 ya Antelope Tours& Travel Services Ltd iliyofanyika mwishoni mwa juma jijini Dar es salaam
 Mkurugenzi Mkuu Eckhardt Mtasiwa akiongelea machache kuhusu kampuni kwa wageni waalikwa
 Bwana Davis Mosha akiongea machache baada ya kupokea tuzo ya mteja wa Antelope Tours & Travel Services Ltd wa miaka mingi
 Meneja Mkuu Bwana Harry Chopeta akipokea tuzo kutoka kwa Mkurugenzi Mkuu Rose Abdallah na wakurugenzi Bwana Eckhardt Mtasiwa na Bi Lysa John
 Mkurugenzi mkuu Rose Abdallah akikata keki huku  na wafanyakazi wa Antelope na Meneja mkuu wa Amadeus Juan Tores wakiisubiuri kwa hamu.


Na Woinde Shizza, Arusha 
Baraza la ushauri la chuo cha mafunzo ya hoteli na utalii (VHTTI) limetakiwa kuhakikisha linaandaa wanafunzi vyema na wenye viwango vya kimataifa ili kukabiliana na ushindani mkubwa ulioko katika sekta ya hoteli na utalii duniani. 
 Hayo yamesemwa na mkuu wa wilaya ya Arumeru Nyerembe Munasa wakati akizindua baraza hilo jana ndani ya chuo cha hoteli na utalii cha VHTTI kilichopo nje kidogo ya jiji la Arusha . 
 Alisema kuwa kutokana na changamoto kubwa ya hoteli zetu kuajiri watu kutoka nje ya nchi ikiwemo kenya na hata nchi za bara ya ulaya kwa kile kinachodaiwa vijana wazawa kutokuwa na elimu ya kutosha kuhusiana na sekta ya hoteli na utalii hivyo ni wajibu wao kuakikisha wanafundisha wanafunzi ili waweze kuwa na elimu ya kiwango cha kimataifa . 
 Alibainisha kuwa wanatakiwa wahakikishe wanachuo ambao wanawafundisha wanakuwa na sifa zinazotakiwa huku akiongeza kuwa mafunzo wanayofundishwa yawe bora yanayokidhi maitaji ya ajira .
 Aidha alisema kuwa iwapo watawafundisha wanafunzi hao vyema na kuwapa elimu inayoitajika kuoendana na soko hii itawasaida kupunguza kwa kiasi kikubwa tatizo la ajira kwani wanafunzi hawa pindi watakapo maliza elimu yao itakuwa raisi kupata kazi kulingana na elimu walikuwa nayo. 
 ''Pia napenda kuwashauri kuanzisha lunga zote za kimataifa katika chuo chenu ili mwanafunzi anaetoka katika chuo hichi aweze kuwasiliana na mgeni yeyote ambaye atakuja kutoka katika nchi yoyote huko kazini kwake anapoenda kwakweli inachekesha sana kuona mgeni anakuja alafu mwanafunzi anaanza kuongea lugha mfano ya Kingereza kwa kukosea kosea au anaongea Kifaransa  kwa kukose kosea''alisema Munasa 
 Kwa upande wa Mkurugenzi wa Veta, Mhandisi Zebadiah Moshi alisema kuwa wao kama Veta wameamua kuanzisha chuo hichi cha hoteli na utalii ili kuweza kupunguza tatizo la ajira ambalo linaendelea kwa vijana wengi. 
 Aliesema kuwa chuo hichi kitatoa mafunzo ya hoteli na utalii katika ngazi ya cheti na shahada kwa wasimamizi na waangalizi wa hoteli zetu. Naye mkuu wa chuo hicho Flora Hakika alisema kuwa wataji taidi kuwafundisha wanafunzi vyema na wataanza kwa kuaandaa mitaala mipya huku wakiwa wanaangalia zaidi jinsi wenzetu wa nchi za nje wanavyo fanya pia watajitaidi kulenga kupata maitaji ya soko linavyoitaji ili kuweza kuinua zaidi utendaji kazi wa vijana wa kitanzania
Mkuu wa wilaya ya Arumeru Nyerembe Munasa akiwa anaongea wakati wa uzinduzi  wa baraza la ushauri wa chuo cha mafunzo ya hoteli na utalii cha mamlaka ya elimu ya mafunzo ya ufundi stadi (VHTTI) Kilichopo Njiro mkoani Arusha
Bw. Mattasia, Mwenyekiti wa Chuo cha hoteli na utalii cha VHTTI akiongea 
wadau mbalimbali wakiwemo wajumbe wa chuo hicho wakiwa wanafatilia uzinduzi huo wa baraza la chuo kwa makini

mkuu wa wilaya ya Arumeru akiwa anamkabidhi nyaraka ya kutendea kazi mmoja wa wajumbe wa baraza la chuo cha VHTTI ambaye ni mwakilishi wa chama cha wamiliki wa makampuni ya utalii(TATO) bw, Peter Lindstrone
Mkurugenzi wa Veta, Mhandisi Zebadiah Moshi (kulia) akifuatiwa na mwenyekiti wa bodi  Bw. Mattasia pamoja na mkuu wa wilaya ya Arumeru  Mhe. Nyerembe Munasa na wakwanza kushoto ni mkuu wa chuo cha VHTTI Flora Hakika wakibadilishana mawazo


Balozi wa Tanzania kwenye Nchi za Nordic na Baltic,Mh. Dora Mmari Msechu (kushoto) akipeana mkono na Rais wa Estonia,Mh. Toomas Hendrik Ilves,wakati alipofika Ikulu ya nchi hiyo kuwasilisha hati utambulisho wake kwa Rais.
Mhe. Balozi Dora Msechu (wa pili kulia) na timu yake wakiwa kwenye Mazungumzo na baadhi ya viongozi wa Chuo  cha Tallinn University of Technology. Mazungumzo yao yalilenga kuanzisha ushirikiano na vyuo vya Tanzania (UDSM na UDOM) na pia kutafuta fursa zaidi za masomo ya sayansi ngazi ya Masters na Phd. Estonia ni moja ya nchi iliyopiga hatua kubwa sana katika masuala ya ICT.


Mfalme wa Muziki wa Taarab nchini, Mzee Yusuf (wa pili kushoto) akielezea kwa wanahabari (hawapo pichani) alivyojipanga kuanguasha shoo ya nguvu katika Tamasha la Wafalme Sikukuu ya Xmas Dar Live. 
Meneja wa Mashauzi Classic, Ismail Rashid 'Suma Ragar' akiongea na wanahabari (hawapo pichani) jinsi walivyojipanga kutoa burudani katika msimu wa Xmas Dar Live wakati wa mkutano na wanahabari hao uliofanyika leo kwenye Hoteli ya The Atriums iliyopo Sinza-Afrikasana jijini Dar . Kushoto ni Mratibu wa tamasha hilo, Benjamin Mwanambuu, Mkurugenzi Bendi ya Extra Bongo, Ali Choki (wa pili kushoto), Mzee Yusuf (wa pili kulia) na Damian Raphael 'MC Dalada Kikombe' kutoka Kundi la Masai Worriors (wa kw nza kulia).
Damian Raphael 'MC Dalada Kikombe' kutoka Kundi la Masai Worriors (katikati) akiongea na waandishi wa habari (hawapo pichani) kuhusu makamuzi watakayoyafanya Dar Live katika msimu huu wa sikukuu.
KAMPUNI ya Dar Live kwa mara nyingine imetoa ratiba kamili ya burudani katika msimu huu wa kufungia mwaka 2014 na kuukaribisha mwaka 2015.

Usiku wa Wafalme
Kwa mara nyingine shoo bab’kubwa ambayo ni habari ya mjini kwa sasa ijulikanayo kama Usiku wa Wafalme itagongwa ndani ya ukumbi huo pekee kwa burudani, Desemba 25 ‘Sikukuu ya Krismasi’ ambapo mkali wa muziki wa Bongo Fleva, Nasibu Abdul ‘Diamond Platnumz’ atagonga nyimbo zake zote kali siku hiyo.

Diamond ambaye ni mshindi wa tuzo tatu kutoka Channel O zijulikanazo kama Channel O Africa Music Video Awards (CHOAMVA), siku hiyo atatinga na tuzo zake zote hizo ikiwa ni kuwapa shukrani mashabiki wake wote kwa sapoti waliyoitoa huku akipiga nao picha kwenye ‘red carpet’ na kuongea nao mawili-matatu.

Mashabiki pia watapata nafasi ya kumshuhudia Diamond kwa mara ya kwanza akipiga nyimbo zaidi ya 20 jukwaani pasipo kusimama huku akiwatambulisha madensa wapya sambamba na kupiga pia na nyimbo zake zote ambazo zilishawahi kuachiwa na hazijawahi kuisha mpaka mwisho.
Kwa upande wa muziki wa Pwani, usiku huo utafunikwa pia na Mfalme Mzee Yusuf ambaye siku hiyo ataungana na kundi lake la Jahazi Modern Taarab katika kuwaonjesha mashabiki ngoma zao zote zilizopo katika albamu yao mpya ya Chozi la Mama huku wakifunga mwaka na ngoma ambayo ni habari nyingine kwa sasa ya Mahaba Niue.

Mashabiki watakaofika usiku huo pia watapata bahati ya kushuhudia mshindi wa shindano la kumtafuta mwanaume mwenye mvuto kutoka Gazeti la Ijumaa lijulikanalo kama Ijumaa Sexiest Bachelor ambapo mpaka sasa wamebaki washiriki watatu, Yusuph Mlela, Diamond Platnumz pamoja na Ali Kiba.

Mapema kuanzia asubuhi hadi jioni kutakuwa na burudani kwa watoto ambapo watoto wote watakaofika watapata bahati ya kucheza michezo kibao kama vile kubembea, kuteleza, kuogelea na mingine mingi huku kundi la sarakasi la Masai Worriors likiwapagawisha kwa kutoa michezo kibao ya sarakasi , mazingaombwe sambamba na kumwaga zawadi kwa kila mtoto.